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The function of a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to review, interpret, and recommend action on the results of workplace drug testing, is critical. The person executing this function must be trained in medicine, be well-versed in laboratory testing processes and interpretation of laboratory results, and be knowledgeable about: (1) the spectrum of organic diseases which require treatment by controlled substances or by other substances that produce metabolites that are controlled substances or that are indistinguishable from controlled substances, and (2) legally available substances that may test positive for proscribed substances.

Given the multiple points in the drug testing process where errors of commission or omission can occur, and given the potentially devastating consequences to the individual tested, to the employer sponsoring the test, and to the larger society that relies on the test, it is clear that the Medical Review Officer must be a licensed physician.


Important functions an MRO does for your company:

  • Ensures compliance with regulations - DOT, Federal and Stat Laws

  • Reduce exposure to liability in your drug testing program

  • Maintain records and confidentiality

  • Serve as the common point of contact between all drug test participants (including the employer) and the Federal agency

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