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School /other phyicals

Most educational intuitions require physical exams prior to enrollment and to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. Clear Medical provides efficient and detailed physical exams for children. We also offer evaluation of employees to assist employers in ensuring physical and mental qualifications for specific job requirements. This helps to avoid prospective health and work related issues with could arise for under qualified candidates. Call today for more info.

  • School Physicals:

  • Sports Physicals

  • Pre-employment

  • Post-Offer Physical/Position Evaluation

  • Other Physicals

Available Lab Test

  • Laboratory analysis: Several comprehensive screening options including: (blood chemistry, hematology, heavy metals, urinalysis)

  • X-rays 

  • Audiogram

  • Electrocardiograms

  • Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Vision Screening

  • Strength/Flexibility Testing

  • Alcohol Breath Testing

  • Drug Screening: Same day/send out/collection site

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Acute care



Clear Medical Concepts- Acute Care Services provides acute care for older children and adults. We are a walk-in or same day appointment for the treatment of non-life threatening injuries and illness in the Metro Atlanta area. We are committed to providing you with convenient, competent, and efficient medical services. We are an alternative to the hospital waiting room.


The goal of Clear Medical Concepts- Acute Care is to provide families and individuals with the best immediate medical services available. As a neighborhood clinic, our physicians and health care professionals will always take time to address your health concerns and answer your questions.

Visit any of our centers to treat acute illnesses and injuries that are non-life threatening and not in need of emergency treatment.  SEE LINK BELOW FOR WHAT WE TREAT. 

Primary care

Who We Are

The Clear Medical – Primary Care Clinic provides medical management for all adults. Our Primary Care Services focus on health and wellness through  disease prevention, disease management, medical education and open discussion. We offer primary-care expertise in a full-service clinic, providing a broad spectrum of health services. If specialty care is needed, our medical team will provide a referral while continuing to manage your overall care.



The goal of the Primary Care Clinic at Clear Medical is to provide families and individuals with the best medical care and medical options available for every stage of life. As a neighborhood clinic, our health care professionals will always take time to address your health concerns, answer your questions, and devise a collective management plan that is specific to your goals and concerns. Our goal is not to only combat your illness or disease/s, but help educate and empower you to overcome.

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