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Drug and alcohol testing

Clear Medical Concepts offers a variety of regulated and non-regulated drug and alcohol testing services to employers and third-party administrators. All collections are performed by certified drug test collectors. Lab analysis is completed by certified laboratories.  


Clear Medical Concepts offer a variety of DOT and non-DOT testing service options. We can assist with collections, analysis, reporting and even Medical Review Officer (MRO) services where needed. 

Non-DOT drug tests include both lab-based tests (sample sent to the lab for initial and confirmation testing), and express tests (initial analysis at our clinic immediately after collection, positive results sent to lab for confirmation).

Drug testing pathways

Blood  .  Hair  .  Nails  .  Saliva  .  Urine​



If the standard panels do not meet your companies drug testing policy, Clear Medical Concepts can customize a plan to fit your needs.  Our  medical review officer (MRO) is available to consult with you if you are considering a custom drug test panel.


Currently the FMCSA allows saliva or breath for evaluation for alcohol levels.  The breath or saliva specimens as outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 are very specific and must be followed whenever a DOT-required alcohol test is requested by the employer. These procedures, including the use of the Federal Alcohol Testing Form (ATF), apply only to DOT-required testing.

Clear Medical Concepts offer both Saliva and Breath testing modalities.  Our LifeLoc certified BATs can conduct both alcohol screening and confirmation test.  We follow the astringent guidelines outlined in 49CFR Part 40. If you are not familiar with these regulations we can help guide you in the process. These guidelines are listed in the adjacent link for your convivence. 


Click to view Guidelines

After-hour and mobile collections (Urgent Collections)

Clear Medical offers After-hour and/or mobile collections in many of the areas we serve.  These Urgent Collections are very helpful during unforeseen post-accident events, reasonable suspicion or employee oversights.  So if you cannot get your employee to use we may be able to get our services to you. Contact us for details. 

 **Children will not be permitted to accompany the donor during the collection process and must be of age to sit unattended in the waiting room

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